Wood Pellet and Wood Burning Stoves For Your Home

wood burning stoves

So you need a new boiler or heating system for your home, and you are considering one of the green options, staying away from coal and oil. But which to choose?

If you have the option to get efficiency with thriftiness, would you grab it in seconds or would you opt for something that will cost you more in the end?

It’s the same with wood pellet stoves, because although there are lots of stoves that are out in the market right now, a wood pellet stove will give quality heat for your home during cold season while saving money which would normally spent in oil and gas.

What are wood pellet stoves?
A wood pellet stove is a hearth machine that makes use of wood pellets as its fuel. They are fed into a hopper that serves as its storage compartment and they are then carried by the auger to the chamber for the burning process where it releases heat energy to be distributed in the whole house.

This type of stove can be located anywhere in the house so it can supply the amount of heat needed for your home but make sure to follow the clearance set by your local building between the stove, ceilings, floors, and walls for fire safety purposes.pellet stove

While there are other types of fuel that can be fed to stoves such as cherry pits, corn, grains, and wheat, wood pellets are considered to be more economical, and also, when it comes to helping the environment, these pellets are by products of sawdust that would historically have just been discarded.

The ashes from these pellets can still be recycled as fertilizers which helps not only the consumers and manufacturers but the community as well.

Since this type of stove depends on electrical energy, it will not work when there is a power outage, however some models have a built-in battery unit, and if your area regularly suffers from outages, make sure to have a generator as a backup.

Like any other equipment, wood pellet stoves requires maintenance to maximize its life span. It is important to understand how to clean its components as mis-use may damage the equipment and may also lead to hazardous situations. Wood pellets are known to be a bit messy compared to other fuels but this can be properly managed by using the built-in ash drawers and ash traps that serves as a filter for an easy cleaning process.

Pellet or Wood Burning Stoves?
So would you be better with a pellet stove or a wood burning stove? There are definately advantages to both systems. As you already know from this article, pellet burners are fed automatically, super efficient, and can work on several types of fuel. A wood burner stove is limited only to wood, and certain types of wood at that. They are less efficient, and need to be constantly supplied with fuel to keep them hot and heating your house. But they look great in a room, give you that open flame feel, and from a feel good point of view, they are hard to beat. It all depends on what you are looking for in a stove.wood burning stove

Lastly, you may want to have a checklist on the things that you must consider to be important before purchasing your wood pellet stove. Check your budget for the price of your stove plus if there will be a cost for installation. Also be aware that the more features it has, the higher the price it will be.

So whether you opt for a pellet stove or a more traditional log burning stove, my advice is to go for the best quality model in your price range, and purchase a stove from one of the biggest and trusted manufacturers. You will probably find also, that the better equipment, and the more expensive models will give you trouble free, and eco friendly home heating for many years to come.

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