Traveling in the Middle East

pexels-photo-24969A rewarding holiday destination
Mystery, civilizations rising and falling, the place of birth for Judaism, Islam and Christianity, this is in just a few words, the Middle East. Resembling a huge open air museum, the ancient cities hosted by the Middle East are the perfect place for a once in a lifetime holiday. Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, with their cities like Cairo, Casablanca, Damascus, and Istanbul will charm you with their special perfume, their history, their customs and traditions. The Middle East is the place where the modernity found its place between the ancient buildings, vestiges of the old civilization that brought life to these regions. The Middle East is also the place where antagonist landscapes meet: the sand dunes of the Sahara desert with the world of the Red Sea, the imposing mountains and the small, palm fringed lakes in Libya.

Exploring the cities of the Middle East
Cairo is known as being the oldest destination for tourists in the world, the place where one of the Seven World Wonders is still present, always ready to remind us of the former civilizations that created our world. When you visit the Sphinx and the Pyramids, everything you can do is to agree with Herodotus, who called them “The eternal gift of the Nile”. The country that has the longest history recorded on paper is also the cradle of civilization, a gate to Africa and has Cairo as the capital. Cairo is the only capital in the world where routes leading to Asia, Africa and Europe meet. However, you’ll find in Cairo a city with chaotic traffic rules, jammed with people and cars, but a lively city, a vibrant one, which is not formed just by dunes, sand and pyramids. There are hundreds of sightseeing monuments and places that need your attention, as Cairo is not the city where you can afford missing something; it’s simply a beautiful place, unique in the world that asks you to discover it step by step. Start with the Citadel of Saladin, where you will find the ancient mosque known as the “Mohammed Ali Mosque” and the tomb of Mohammed Ali. The Hanging Church is also worth visiting, as it was built between two towers; the glass that lies at your feet once you enter the monument will allow you to see the ground that lies under. King Tut and his Sarcophagus, the Pyramid in Giza, the Sphinx, the Nile River, and the Papyrus factory are also places where you definitely want to go.

The list of your holiday destinations must also include Istanbul, the only city in the world situated on two different continents that will enchant you with its mosques, the Grand Bazaar and the impressive Topkapi Palace. Continue your adventure in the Middle East with Damascus, the city where the modern culture is trying to make its way between the ancient quarters of the city; it is in these quarters that people live their lives just like it used to be lived centuries ago. There are also other cities in the Middle East that are worth visiting and they will all impress you with their special charm and flavor, so characteristic of this wonderful part of the world. Regardless of the city you choose to visit for your adventure in the Middle East, just make sure that you surround yourself with the special air of this place and its history, as this can be a life changing experience.

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Understanding Synthetic Grass

artificial grassThis year I decided to follow the example of my good friend and neighbour John Morley. He threw his lawn mower in the junk and gave me his lawn food, weed and feed, edging tools and sprinkler, and moved over to the dark side. The dark side in this case is to install artificial, or synthetic grass in place of his regular lawn.

He got tired of the brown patches, constant weeding and feeding, and struggling to keep the kind of lawn that anyone would want to sit on during the warm summer evenings. I said I would never give up my natural lawn, but 1 year on, and looking at the results, I have decided to do the same.

Put simply, synthetic grass, also popularly known as artificial grass, is a carpet developed creatively to match the natural grass. It’s mainly composed of synthetic materials. Its first use in sports dates back to 1960s in Astrodome which is in Houston, Texas. It was quite a landmark in the history of sports. Today, it’s not only used in sports but also in landscaping which extends to residentials, businesses, terraces, gardens, public parks, name it.

Design and construction

Synthetic grass has been designed to cut down maintenance and other costs for sports management firms, businesses, and homeowners. It’s intricately engineered with polyethylene/ polyurethane fibers tufted to a backing for maximum durability. On the market today, you will come across various types of synthetic grass products all designed to fit different purposes and uses. And with the continued growth in technology, it continues to improve in both looks and feel making it even much better than natural grass.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install

If all of that back breaking work seems too much and you would rather pay somebody to take care of it for you, there are more and more local businesses springing up that are specialising in the supply and installation of artificial turf. The company local to me that my buddy John used for his synthetic lawn is called Lawn Frog, they have a very informative website, and I am sure there is a similar business close to you that can do the same.

Purpose and uses

As we’ve already mentioned, artificial grass serves a variety of purposes. So let’s examine it uses in the different areas.


A sports turf is composed of different components. The quality and features of the pitch mostly depend on each of these elements. A permeable material together with a drainage system wrapped up with crushed stone/lava make up the sub base. Above it, there’s a shock-absorbing layer. Then at the top, there’s the synthetic grass.

Today, the final application comes in different forms, from sand-dressed, sand-filled, non-filled, sand and rubber filled plus many other forms. It also comes in different heights.

It’s safe to say that there isn’t much difference when it comes to playing characteristics. Both natural and synthetic grass share similar characteristics on the same. This comparison is supported by such measurable facts as ball rebounce, ball roll, and shock absorption

Its advantages to sports have been tremendous. No mud or puddles; the pitch stays perfect, stable and green at all times; no mowing, sowing, fertilizing, and so much more.


Residential areas, businesses and commercial areas, and other establishments also use synthetic turf for their various purposes. Construction techniques and materials have been very key to the quality of the grass used in these areas. Many families use synthetic turfs for their yards since it’s in many ways great for pets, children and play.

Businesses too use it for their yards. It adds a green and natural look which coupled with minimal maintenance makes it quite a great investment for commercial establishments. Instead of giving so much attention to property upkeep, synthetic grass has contributed in businesses focusing more on productivity.artificial grass roll

Besides it transforming such establishments and the residential areas, it can also be used to transform parks, gardens, terraces and many other areas. Its safety and durability make it the perfect choice for such uses.

In summary, synthetic grass is basically an alternative to natural grass that has proven itself much better and convenient for sports, residential and commercial purposes. Its uniqueness sets it apart and it’s for this reason that it continues to grow in both use and popularity.

Artificial grass has changed massively in recent years. I recommend you take a look for yourself and see if you are tempted by the lure of the perfect lawn.