Start with the easy stuff!



So where to start. You have decided to begin working on your house, to turn it into the home that you desire, so make it energy efficient, weatherproof, hi-tech, more valuable, and most of all, the type of place that you are proud to call home.

And better yet, how do you do that on a tight budget? Even if you have unlimited funds, it is better from an investment point of view to get the most for your money.

Sure, you can modernize the inside with new floors, a paint job and updated appliances, but it will not matter if the house looks junky from the curb. No one wants to see a bunch of dead bushes, grass stained siding and a three-foot high lawn.

You will want someone to drive by your home and say, “I love THAT house.” Sounds easy, right? There is going to be some time and expense but it does not have to break the bank.

Several inexpensive ways to dress up your house costing nearly nothing is to do simple chores, like mowing your lawn, trimming up the bushes (or removing dead ones), hosing  down the siding to rid the siding of nasty grass stains.file0001139331143

Laying out some rock or mulch around the bushes will cost a little money, but the turnout will be worth it. Also by adding color with a couple flower baskets at the front door. If you lack a green thumb (as I do), flowers would not be a good option; however, paint does wonders.

A couple coats of a beautiful color that pops can make all the difference, not to mention inviting. If you are determined to have flowers, it is not uncommon to have fake flowers outside, they are easy to take care of and quite lovely!

Even having a welcoming doormat at the front door to greet potential buyers as they cross the threshold will make a huge difference. Details speak loudly, by adding a cute doorbell cover or pleasant sounding wind chimes to entice a future buyer. A seasonal wreath is also a nice touch to a plain door. It will add homely character to your home.

Lawn lights are a beautiful and inexpensive way to brighten up any walk way or driveway. You can pick up several of them at most stores for a reasonable price. They even come plain, simple lights or more elaborate colored-glass lights.file000247480794

If you have a deck on your home it would be helpful to dress it up a little bit. Make it look like a wonderful place to gather with your friends and family for summer cookouts or even just a nice bonfire to relax. You could place some flowers on the edges, a hummingbird feeder and comfortable chairs with a coordinating umbrella.

There are a few things that can make the outside of your home look great. If there are broken window blinds and torn curtains you need to make a change. You will benefit from nice, sturdy blinds, in addition to attractive, up-to-date curtains.

Start with the simple stuff, and get more adventurous with your projects as you go. Remember, a clean and tidy well maintained house is going to keep it’s value longer, and give you a sense of pride to own.

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