Should I stay or should I go?

This is a question that I have struggled with my whole life, but as I am now older, I seem to settle for comfort rather than the excitement and unknown that I would find in travelling.travel2

This blog started out as a trave tips blog, and after a recent re-vamp, I hope that it will continue in that vein, but I also wanted to add tips on home improvement, renovation and decoration, as that seems to be more of a focus these days.

House renovation is also a way of adding value to a home, and I am very aware of the benefits of improving real estate as an investment. By doing work myself or getting quality craftsmen to work for good negotiated prices I can live in a better place, while adding value and comfort to my home.

I hope you find value in this blog, and please send me your ideas and contributions, so that we can stay current with new technology, trends and ideas.49619-SM2

To travel or not to travel. Why not do both? If you follow my lead, you can travel in style for less, but still have a welcoming and comfortable home to come back to!

Below I have selected 2 videos, one about travel and another about improving your nest. Which are you more attracted to?


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