Local Courier Services With A Difference

local courier servicesAnytime a conversation touches on the courier business, dominating names such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx come into play. And rightly so as they have in many ways revolutionized the courier industry and solved numerous courier problems for many thriving global businesses.

The courier industry is massive and evolving at a rapid pace. Whereas the big names have dominated the bigger stage, there still remains a smaller stage with loads of courier needs and demands that big players just seem to not deliver on simply because of the way they are structured.

This is where local courier companies such as ours come to the rescue. Our prime focus is on businesses whose needs are localized and slightly different from the traditional courier services as we know them.

Expedient, flexible and simplistic service is what companies need when it comes to local courier services. They need a courier service that is on call and have a quick response time in having a pickup staff at their office to pick up a parcel and deliver on the same day.

This flexibility and speed are what local companies appreciate and it is what the local courier market is about.

As a local courier company, we get that and we are structured in a way that allows us that flexibility, speed and precision in making sure you parcels are picked within a reasonably short time from point of preference and delivered on the same day. Our aim is to take out the stress of delivering local parcels for local companies. For more information you can visit Certa Cito Logistics.

Drawing Comparisons

When you have had need to send an urgent parcel locally and you had to use the traditional courier service such as UPS or FedEx, the most expedited option is typically overnight and you can expect to be charged a premium rate for that ‘special’ service.

Our bread and butter as a local courier company is same day deliveries. It is what we are specialized in.  Even same day deliveries that are super urgent can be expedited further still to be delivered within a window of two hours.

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The hallmark of a competent courier company is reliability and security. Our professionalism shines through with every client we deal with. Our staff are well-trained on high quality standard operating procedures for handling parcels.

They are uniformed well-mannered with adequate customer service skills such that you can be confident in them delivering parcels and packages on your behalf to your clients.

In contrast with traditional companies, a local courier service has one person handling your parcel from pick up to delivery. Thus, tracking and accountability become a simple issue as risk is mitigated and efficiency optimized.

Cost of local courier services

Our costs are competitive beyond belief because what you see is what you get with zero chance of extra cost, hidden fees springing up out of nowhere.

Whereas traditional shipping company may charge based on dimensions, weight and distance travelled, local courier services bill you based on distance travelled only.

Our pricing is also affordable for a flexible and a personalized service you and your business can rely on.

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