Home Improvement Tips: Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Reasons for A Redo

Home improvement tasks frequently begin with someone stating, “Wouldn’t it be nice if …?” normally followed by wanting a remodelled cooking area or maybe an addition for space to accommodate every member of the family’s requirements. Generally, truth and dreams don’t correspond, due to restricted funds for completing the dream, or limitations on the readily available area. The trick for turning your dreams into truth. Begin with a reasonable evaluation of your needs. Property owners typically consider house improvements from among the following factors.

You may feel the need to upgrade something that is obsolete. If your kitchen colour scheme was perfect a couple of years ago however it no longer works, now may a good time to update it.

Some home improvement projects grow out of an immediate necessity to replace damaged or ineffective fixtures. If a sink, tub, or toilet needs to be replaced, think about making the most of the opportunity to do a transformation on the whole bathroom.

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’ll wish to be sure to get top dollar from the sale. That’s excellent motivation for some home improvement tasks.

You have probably realised that sitting tight and enhancing your house is a much better option than moving.

Your family has now grown and you need more living area.

Improving to Move? or Improving to Stay?

Assess your strategies carefully if you’re enhancing your home to list it for sale. Cutting corners might hurt your potential customers instead of helping them. But don’t overdo it either. Potential buyers might prefer not to pay out for those extras, such as a hot tub or swimming pool. You’re much better off keeping the changes simple.

And bear in mind that buyers who see your house might not share your tastes and might dislike the care you took to discover just the ideal shade of green paint for the walls.

You’ll find that improving prior to listing your hose for sale is much easier if you can think of it from the potential buyer’s viewpoint

Understanding Synthetic Grass

artificial grassThis year I decided to follow the example of my good friend and neighbour John Morley. He threw his lawn mower in the junk and gave me his lawn food, weed and feed, edging tools and sprinkler, and moved over to the dark side. The dark side in this case is to install artificial, or synthetic grass in place of his regular lawn.

He got tired of the brown patches, constant weeding and feeding, and struggling to keep the kind of lawn that anyone would want to sit on during the warm summer evenings. I said I would never give up my natural lawn, but 1 year on, and looking at the results, I have decided to do the same.

Put simply, synthetic grass, also popularly known as artificial grass, is a carpet developed creatively to match the natural grass. It’s mainly composed of synthetic materials. Its first use in sports dates back to 1960s in Astrodome which is in Houston, Texas. It was quite a landmark in the history of sports. Today, it’s not only used in sports but also in landscaping which extends to residentials, businesses, terraces, gardens, public parks, name it.

Design and construction

Synthetic grass has been designed to cut down maintenance and other costs for sports management firms, businesses, and homeowners. It’s intricately engineered with polyethylene/ polyurethane fibers tufted to a backing for maximum durability. On the market today, you will come across various types of synthetic grass products all designed to fit different purposes and uses. And with the continued growth in technology, it continues to improve in both looks and feel making it even much better than natural grass.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install

If all of that back breaking work seems too much and you would rather pay somebody to take care of it for you, there are more and more local businesses springing up that are specialising in the supply and installation of artificial turf. The company local to me that my buddy John used for his synthetic lawn is called Lawn Frog, they have a very informative website, and I am sure there is a similar business close to you that can do the same.

Purpose and uses

As we’ve already mentioned, artificial grass serves a variety of purposes. So let’s examine it uses in the different areas.


A sports turf is composed of different components. The quality and features of the pitch mostly depend on each of these elements. A permeable material together with a drainage system wrapped up with crushed stone/lava make up the sub base. Above it, there’s a shock-absorbing layer. Then at the top, there’s the synthetic grass.

Today, the final application comes in different forms, from sand-dressed, sand-filled, non-filled, sand and rubber filled plus many other forms. It also comes in different heights.

It’s safe to say that there isn’t much difference when it comes to playing characteristics. Both natural and synthetic grass share similar characteristics on the same. This comparison is supported by such measurable facts as ball rebounce, ball roll, and shock absorption

Its advantages to sports have been tremendous. No mud or puddles; the pitch stays perfect, stable and green at all times; no mowing, sowing, fertilizing, and so much more.


Residential areas, businesses and commercial areas, and other establishments also use synthetic turf for their various purposes. Construction techniques and materials have been very key to the quality of the grass used in these areas. Many families use synthetic turfs for their yards since it’s in many ways great for pets, children and play.

Businesses too use it for their yards. It adds a green and natural look which coupled with minimal maintenance makes it quite a great investment for commercial establishments. Instead of giving so much attention to property upkeep, synthetic grass has contributed in businesses focusing more on productivity.artificial grass roll

Besides it transforming such establishments and the residential areas, it can also be used to transform parks, gardens, terraces and many other areas. Its safety and durability make it the perfect choice for such uses.

In summary, synthetic grass is basically an alternative to natural grass that has proven itself much better and convenient for sports, residential and commercial purposes. Its uniqueness sets it apart and it’s for this reason that it continues to grow in both use and popularity.

Artificial grass has changed massively in recent years. I recommend you take a look for yourself and see if you are tempted by the lure of the perfect lawn.

Upgrade Your Old Kitchen For Less

img2For all those people out there who want to create a new look in their kitchen using least amount of money, replacement kitchen doors are a very good option. By just replacing the kitchen door one saves their time, money and headache of doing a kitchen all over again. These are fitted into the already installed kitchen cabinets. This is comparatively a cheaper alternative than removing the whole kitchen.

It is suitable when your old kitchen condition is good and it just need an upgrade. The firms doing this business have a wide variety of door types and colours, in made to measure sizes. From the traditional kitchen to modern kitchen, everything is available within the range of the customers. The traditional kitchen door options include hand painted shaker kitchen door or solid oak  kitchen doors.

Things you need to keep in mind before buying kitchen doors

As a customer, you should ask for  a sample of the kitchen door first that you like to before buying the whole new set in order to see whether it matches to your requirements or not. Your local kitchen upgrade specialist will advise you on  the types available, and can supply samples and colour charts as needed.

You also have the option at this point to upgrade your worktops, lighting, tiling, flooring etc, however, the main point here is that you have given your old tired kitchen a completely new look for a fraction of the price of new, by just replacing the doors and drawers.

One of the main advantage of replacing kitchen doors are that we can choose a design, colour and size to get a well deserved kitchen makeover, a brand new feel, style and look, and it takes just a couple of days to complete, and with much less mess.

You can of course do much of the work yourself, and just order the doors from a supplier. The video below shows the best way to measure your cabinets to ensure you order the correct size.

Installation of kitchen doors

The installation of kitchen doors is a cumbersome task and requires a lot of time and efforts and should be performed by the experts in this field. A kitchen can be fully renovated using these kitchen doors. It gives a fresh look to the old kitchen. The measurement of existing doors is also very important.

So if your kitchen is starting to wear out, hinges and drawers not working properly, looking old fashioned and tired, but the cabinets are still in good order, and you are happy with the layout of the kitchen, then contact a local kitchen door supplier for a quote and get your new designer look kitchen for less.


4 Important Reasons on Why You Should Sweep your Chimney

Chimney-Sweep_Cleaning-NorfolkHaving a fire place in the home during winter makes it quite bearable, comfortable and settling. Although there are newer forms of heating systems that are being installed in many homes, the chimney and of course a real fire is the most cost-effective and energy saving way to heat the home while still adding some old-fashioned architectural décor to the home.

Despite the advantages, the fireplace comes with other responsibilities too. The dangers that a fire can cause to any structure if it is not well attended to are enormous. That is why you should get to know about preventive and maintenance methods for your chimney.
As a result of the burning wood and coal, fire emits smoke and debris which travels up the chimney creating the smoky chimney that many love to see. With time, the soot and debris get trapped in the chimney creating a real danger in your home.

With the above in mind, it is important to have the chimney regularly inspected for proper maintenance. When this is done, the condition of the unit is known and ensures that it is working well and any improvements needed are taken care of. This will always ensure that your chimney is safe to use.

After the inspection, do take note of any advice that the inspectors have offered and adopt the recommendations. One of the major recommendations is to have a chimney sweep. It is advisable to clean your chimney at least once or twice per year and you should always engage professional and experienced chimney sweeps to do the job for you.

If you are not able to locate a chimney sweep in your area, try calling other local tradesmen. Very often your local handyman or solid fuel fire installer or distributor can do this for you, or at least will have a list of professionals you can call on. You can also contact the National Chimney Sweeps Guild for advice and a list of registered professionals.

The following are the 4 Major reasons on why you should sweep your chimney:

A clean chimney increases efficiency thus heating your home effectively.
The accumulated soot if not swept decreases the size of the flue making it difficult for the smoke to move upwards. This creates odors, smoke in the home and blackens the fireplace and adjacent décor. Sweeping removes this soot.

Health Benefits
A clogged chimney contains harmful fumes that can cause very serious damage to your lungs. When the chimney is swept, the fumes are able to escape fully and have less contaminated air in the home.

Chimney Maintenance and Fire Protection
The soot if not removed for sometime could develop acidic qualities. This can corrode the chimney and destroy it making it dangerous to use. Moreover, it can easily create a chimney fire, which might crack your pot calling for replacement. The serious result of this problem can be losing your home permanently due to the fire.

Avoid Chimney Blockage
Warm and moist air travels through the chimney and the area becomes very conducive for birds to live in when the fire place is not in use. Birds tend to make nests in this area and cause serious blockage with these homes. This means that the next time the fire is lit, the smoke is unable to exit safely. This leads to the negative effects mentioned above.

The above are just a few but very important reasons to sweep your chimney. When the chimney is clean, it increases efficiency and uses less wood or coal thus saving you money. More important, your home is safe and you are able to enjoy the crackling fire during the winter season.

Keeping a clean chimney is one of those jobs that is easy to put at the bottom of your to do list, it seems that the money could often be spent somewhere else, but be assured that many houses and lives are lost each year due to unswept and unsafe chimneys. Your families health may be at stake, so call your local chimney sweep today and organise your annual safety check.

Wood Pellet and Wood Burning Stoves For Your Home

wood burning stoves

So you need a new boiler or heating system for your home, and you are considering one of the green options, staying away from coal and oil. But which to choose?

If you have the option to get efficiency with thriftiness, would you grab it in seconds or would you opt for something that will cost you more in the end?

It’s the same with wood pellet stoves, because although there are lots of stoves that are out in the market right now, a wood pellet stove will give quality heat for your home during cold season while saving money which would normally spent in oil and gas.

What are wood pellet stoves?
A wood pellet stove is a hearth machine that makes use of wood pellets as its fuel. They are fed into a hopper that serves as its storage compartment and they are then carried by the auger to the chamber for the burning process where it releases heat energy to be distributed in the whole house.

This type of stove can be located anywhere in the house so it can supply the amount of heat needed for your home but make sure to follow the clearance set by your local building between the stove, ceilings, floors, and walls for fire safety purposes.pellet stove

While there are other types of fuel that can be fed to stoves such as cherry pits, corn, grains, and wheat, wood pellets are considered to be more economical, and also, when it comes to helping the environment, these pellets are by products of sawdust that would historically have just been discarded.

The ashes from these pellets can still be recycled as fertilizers which helps not only the consumers and manufacturers but the community as well.

Since this type of stove depends on electrical energy, it will not work when there is a power outage, however some models have a built-in battery unit, and if your area regularly suffers from outages, make sure to have a generator as a backup.

Like any other equipment, wood pellet stoves requires maintenance to maximize its life span. It is important to understand how to clean its components as mis-use may damage the equipment and may also lead to hazardous situations. Wood pellets are known to be a bit messy compared to other fuels but this can be properly managed by using the built-in ash drawers and ash traps that serves as a filter for an easy cleaning process.

Pellet or Wood Burning Stoves?
So would you be better with a pellet stove or a wood burning stove? There are definately advantages to both systems. As you already know from this article, pellet burners are fed automatically, super efficient, and can work on several types of fuel. A wood burner stove is limited only to wood, and certain types of wood at that. They are less efficient, and need to be constantly supplied with fuel to keep them hot and heating your house. But they look great in a room, give you that open flame feel, and from a feel good point of view, they are hard to beat. It all depends on what you are looking for in a stove.wood burning stove

Lastly, you may want to have a checklist on the things that you must consider to be important before purchasing your wood pellet stove. Check your budget for the price of your stove plus if there will be a cost for installation. Also be aware that the more features it has, the higher the price it will be.

So whether you opt for a pellet stove or a more traditional log burning stove, my advice is to go for the best quality model in your price range, and purchase a stove from one of the biggest and trusted manufacturers. You will probably find also, that the better equipment, and the more expensive models will give you trouble free, and eco friendly home heating for many years to come.

Start with the easy stuff!



So where to start. You have decided to begin working on your house, to turn it into the home that you desire, so make it energy efficient, weatherproof, hi-tech, more valuable, and most of all, the type of place that you are proud to call home.

And better yet, how do you do that on a tight budget? Even if you have unlimited funds, it is better from an investment point of view to get the most for your money.

Sure, you can modernize the inside with new floors, a paint job and updated appliances, but it will not matter if the house looks junky from the curb. No one wants to see a bunch of dead bushes, grass stained siding and a three-foot high lawn.

You will want someone to drive by your home and say, “I love THAT house.” Sounds easy, right? There is going to be some time and expense but it does not have to break the bank.

Several inexpensive ways to dress up your house costing nearly nothing is to do simple chores, like mowing your lawn, trimming up the bushes (or removing dead ones), hosing  down the siding to rid the siding of nasty grass stains.file0001139331143

Laying out some rock or mulch around the bushes will cost a little money, but the turnout will be worth it. Also by adding color with a couple flower baskets at the front door. If you lack a green thumb (as I do), flowers would not be a good option; however, paint does wonders.

A couple coats of a beautiful color that pops can make all the difference, not to mention inviting. If you are determined to have flowers, it is not uncommon to have fake flowers outside, they are easy to take care of and quite lovely!

Even having a welcoming doormat at the front door to greet potential buyers as they cross the threshold will make a huge difference. Details speak loudly, by adding a cute doorbell cover or pleasant sounding wind chimes to entice a future buyer. A seasonal wreath is also a nice touch to a plain door. It will add homely character to your home.

Lawn lights are a beautiful and inexpensive way to brighten up any walk way or driveway. You can pick up several of them at most stores for a reasonable price. They even come plain, simple lights or more elaborate colored-glass lights.file000247480794

If you have a deck on your home it would be helpful to dress it up a little bit. Make it look like a wonderful place to gather with your friends and family for summer cookouts or even just a nice bonfire to relax. You could place some flowers on the edges, a hummingbird feeder and comfortable chairs with a coordinating umbrella.

There are a few things that can make the outside of your home look great. If there are broken window blinds and torn curtains you need to make a change. You will benefit from nice, sturdy blinds, in addition to attractive, up-to-date curtains.

Start with the simple stuff, and get more adventurous with your projects as you go. Remember, a clean and tidy well maintained house is going to keep it’s value longer, and give you a sense of pride to own.