4 Important Reasons on Why You Should Sweep your Chimney

Chimney-Sweep_Cleaning-NorfolkHaving a fire place in the home during winter makes it quite bearable, comfortable and settling. Although there are newer forms of heating systems that are being installed in many homes, the chimney and of course a real fire is the most cost-effective and energy saving way to heat the home while still adding some old-fashioned architectural décor to the home.

Despite the advantages, the fireplace comes with other responsibilities too. The dangers that a fire can cause to any structure if it is not well attended to are enormous. That is why you should get to know about preventive and maintenance methods for your chimney.
As a result of the burning wood and coal, fire emits smoke and debris which travels up the chimney creating the smoky chimney that many love to see. With time, the soot and debris get trapped in the chimney creating a real danger in your home.

With the above in mind, it is important to have the chimney regularly inspected for proper maintenance. When this is done, the condition of the unit is known and ensures that it is working well and any improvements needed are taken care of. This will always ensure that your chimney is safe to use.

After the inspection, do take note of any advice that the inspectors have offered and adopt the recommendations. One of the major recommendations is to have a chimney sweep. It is advisable to clean your chimney at least once or twice per year and you should always engage professional and experienced chimney sweeps to do the job for you.

If you are not able to locate a chimney sweep in your area, try calling other local tradesmen. Very often your local handyman or solid fuel fire installer or distributor can do this for you, or at least will have a list of professionals you can call on. You can also contact the National Chimney Sweeps Guild for advice and a list of registered professionals.

The following are the 4 Major reasons on why you should sweep your chimney:

A clean chimney increases efficiency thus heating your home effectively.
The accumulated soot if not swept decreases the size of the flue making it difficult for the smoke to move upwards. This creates odors, smoke in the home and blackens the fireplace and adjacent décor. Sweeping removes this soot.

Health Benefits
A clogged chimney contains harmful fumes that can cause very serious damage to your lungs. When the chimney is swept, the fumes are able to escape fully and have less contaminated air in the home.

Chimney Maintenance and Fire Protection
The soot if not removed for sometime could develop acidic qualities. This can corrode the chimney and destroy it making it dangerous to use. Moreover, it can easily create a chimney fire, which might crack your pot calling for replacement. The serious result of this problem can be losing your home permanently due to the fire.

Avoid Chimney Blockage
Warm and moist air travels through the chimney and the area becomes very conducive for birds to live in when the fire place is not in use. Birds tend to make nests in this area and cause serious blockage with these homes. This means that the next time the fire is lit, the smoke is unable to exit safely. This leads to the negative effects mentioned above.

The above are just a few but very important reasons to sweep your chimney. When the chimney is clean, it increases efficiency and uses less wood or coal thus saving you money. More important, your home is safe and you are able to enjoy the crackling fire during the winter season.

Keeping a clean chimney is one of those jobs that is easy to put at the bottom of your to do list, it seems that the money could often be spent somewhere else, but be assured that many houses and lives are lost each year due to unswept and unsafe chimneys. Your families health may be at stake, so call your local chimney sweep today and organise your annual safety check.

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